Wednesday, May 21, 2008

America Picked the Wrong Idol

What? Really? America got it wrong. After over 97 million votes total, how on earth did David Archuleta not win American Idol? He had it in the bag, especially after last night's performance. What was the population thinking? I was SURE he was going to be the clear leader. Looks like my prediction after the first episode this season was unfortunately wrong.

I suppose there is consolation in knowing that David Cook, the winner, is a good singer too. He had his moments.

About American Idol:
It remains both the most popular show on U.S. television and a pop culture phenomenon, having produced a list of successful stars from both its winners and losers.
I'll still buy Archuleta's album when it comes out. He's still going to be a winner in the hearts of the 44% of the 97 million people who voted for him.

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  1. no..David A. was too immature and baby like...they need more of a man to sell more CDs