Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Globalization = Americanization, or does it?

According to the folks over at the Freaknomics Blog, globalization does not equal world domination of the English language. Thank you. It's about time people realize this. This is something that I'm super passionate about researching/studying. In today's age, language (and culture by the way) is alive! I honestly believe that America, The West, and even the English language is not steam-rolling the rest of the world.

I especially like Christian Rolling's take on the future of language and globalization:
Rudimentary English might still be the most convenient means of oral or written communication between strangers of different cultures on planet Earth, but globalization is giving a new (virtual) planetary presence to hundreds of languages and cultures through millions of Web sites, mixing text and videos.

The big loser? Grammar
Amen. Right on. The world: thriving & inventive. Internet users: grammar ignoramuses. Take a peek, What Will Globalization Do to Languages? A Freakonomics Quorum

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