Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rhyme Time (probably the most annoying poetry website ever) does have one redeeming quality. It has what I like to call a "rhyminator." They like to call it a Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus (which isn't nearly as creative by the way).

You type in a word. It pops out the rhymes in varying syllable length.

Mediterranean Fruit FlyI like what it comes up with for my last name. Included among the 372 results are the common: goodbye, cry, die, shy, sky, and why.

But also we have the more strange: awry, bad guy, bone dry, bonsai, french fry, squeak by, m. r. i., northern spy, old school tie, and blink of an eye.

Even stranger are: fluorescent dye, in a pig's eye, Canada wild rye, dominated by, steak and kidney pie, indivisible by, and my favorite, Mediterranean fruit fly.

Who comes up with these? They are so random.
Who knew rhyming could be such fun?


  1. Out of the words that you listed, I would have to say my favorite one would be french fry... jenn bly... french fry... jenn bly... french fry... yeah... that is funny...

  2. Let's see what we have for Emily Walker: chalker, hawker, stalker, talker, and sweet talker.

    I'd say it's a toss up between Emily Walker the Stalker and Emily Walker the Sweet Talker. I don't know. They both have a certain ring to them...

  3. hmmmmm....i got "disney" and "sisney"...not a wide variety

  4. booo. too hard to rhyme your last name emily. I suppose "disney" has potential though.

  5. not really..."disney" and "cisney" are actually pronounced differently. "disney" is more like "dizz-knee" whereas "cisney" is "cis (like cis and trans in geometry)-knee"
    people pronounce my last name wrong all the time...but i don't bother...better than "kizz-knee" with a hard "c"'s a soft "c" people!

  6. AnonymousMay 20, 2008

    what if we've just been pronouncing 'disney' wrong this whole time? and it's really diss rather than dizz. --then disney and cisney could be better rhyming buddies.