Sunday, May 18, 2008


Red BoxSo they have this machine, called Red Box, from which you can rent DVD's for a dollar a day. You can check out their website to find the closest one near you. Wikipedia says:
Redbox rents DVDs via self-service or interactive kiosks located across the United States in locations such as McDonald's, where it started — as well as and retail, pharmacy and grocery store locations across the United States.
This is so cool! You swipe your credit card and out comes the DVD. If you don't return the DVD in 25 days, well then, you are charged 25 bucks and it is yours. I think this thing is a good idea. No more of that $5+ Blockbuster rental to watch one stinkin' movie for one night. Oh, and check Inside Red Box. These will get you redbox movies for even cheaper with a promo code...these are free!

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