Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walmart Plays Dress Up With Its Logo

According to Brand New, Walmart recently changed their logo. While I like the new look better, I would have to say that it doesn't fit their 'brand' quite as well. The old one was bold and dominant that said, "We're Wal-mart. Shop here, or else..."

The new lighter color, softer font, and strange starburst thing seems something more like a logo for a tech company or sleek eco-friendly biz. It doesn't say "Come here and buy my cheap goods because I pushed everyone else out and now you have no choice but to buy my subpar products."

But to be fair, I guess that's the idea---Walmart wants to separate itself from its increasing ugly public profile. My question is: Does changing their logo really send consumers a different message (even if only subconsciously)? Or is changing their image a futile attempt at reclaiming a negative public sentiment that will always equate Walmart with steamrollers and blood-thirsty ogres?

1 comment:

  1. I don't think changing the logo will help. Those who have seen Walmart grow bigger and bigger, will always have this idea that they want to 'rule the world.' Just look at it, there is a Walmart in Chambersburg, Shippensburg and Carlisle. Is that really necessary? They have more than 2500 store plus Sam's Club stores in the United States.