Sunday, July 27, 2008


Several days this week, I went to the fair with friends to catch up and eat artery-clogging food. This coming week I will be officially detoxing from all things fried and/or frozen.

Although, I have realized that the fair generally is less as exciting as I believe it should be, I do like spending time with people (or leaving them waiting in the stadium all alone for half an hour, sorry Tami). I do like the idea that SOMETHING is occurring in good ole Shippensburg as well. And as Emily C. said, "It's always going to be our hometown" (take that as you will).

After only stopping by the tractor pull at the fair for a few minutes, Emily W. and I about contracted black lung. The good earth had to have frowned upon the smoke that came out of those tractors. It was sort of like watching a coal mine explosion. I'm pretty sure I complained about the same thing last year... For some reason though, the tractor pull always pulls in a big crowd.

In better news, the girl scouts made super delicious thin mint chocolate milkshakes. Mmmmmm. Chocolate was dripping down the cup, onto my hands, down my mouth, and onto my feet. Ugh, perhaps too much chocolate.

We also petted the animals. They were cute. Especially the cows and goats.

We affectionately termed the goats, "the love goats." They liked taking naps on each others' backs.

Overall, I would say I had a fair-licious week.

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