Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Driving in a Little Yellow Car

Ohhhh, I am in car love.

My dad got a rental car because his went into the shop for repair (which is actually a funny story). His car got damaged by a rocket. And yes, I said rocket. Apparently, a high school physics class lost control of their "experiment" in the parking lot and they managed to send a missile right into my dad's car. He he. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy.

But on the bright side, the rental place gave him a bug to use for the week. A bright yellow VW bug (although maybe it's a beetle?? I don't really know the difference). Anyway, I have always said that yellow cars (except for iconic NYC taxi cabs) are hideous, but I have been proven wrong. A cute little Volks Wagon in yellow is about the most adorable thing ever. I'm not sure what Dad thinks though. He didn't take it to go golfing. He said it was because his clubs wouldn't fit in the trunk, but I think it was more what his golf buddies would say that worried him. Ha ha.

As for myself, I drove it a little bit yesterday, and now all I can think of is how far could I drive this thing away until the police caught wind of it and pulled me over for grand theft auto? I think I could make it least Tennessee, what do you think? Bah ha ha.


  1. hahaha.....see? rental cars make you want to buy the car...it's so addicting.
    It is a cute car...but I bet your dad's is thinking, "Oh my goodness, I hope nobody I know sees me..."
    You should tell him Aaron drove Jenny's green bug

  2. I can see it's not the most macho car for your dad to drive around!
    I can imagine his insurance claim must have raised a few eyebrows - insurance companies can't get very many cars hit by rockets...

  3. yellow punch bug and not punch backs... :-D