Monday, July 14, 2008

Idiots, Technology, and Dating

Assorted Links

How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend via Video Jug
---Even for the unattached, good stuff to know. Let him measure things. Ah, yes. This is why I'm single...

How to keep an idiot busy
---5 minutes of fun...or amusement...or frustration...or whatever. Note: There is a way to "win." Only not-idiots can figure it out. Oh, ouch.

---good blog for the tech-savvy, or those wanting to be.

Worst Phone Message Ever via Holy Taco
----I can't imagine why Olga didn't call Dmitri back?? This is when dating goes all wrong. Or...the attempt of it. He probably doesn't get many dates.

Did I mention that the 3 ingredients in the title somehow have a way of finding each other? Sort of like white bread, peanutbutter & jelly.

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