Sunday, July 13, 2008

Arboretum Et Voila

Yesterday Nicole and I kidnapped Emily C. and carted her off to Washington DC for her birthday. First we visited the US National Arboretum which is basically a giant 446 acre garden. Whoah. Lot's of plants. We walked around the Asian collection and the "Wa"shington Youth Garden. We also drove past lots of other sections until we got kicked out. Yes, that's right, we got kicked out of an arboretum (It was closing time).

Then we took her to the French/Belgian restaurant Et Voila. The food was exquisite. Yeah, really good. And Emily loves all things French so it was great.

Unfortunately, we only got lost, what?, a hundred times? Let me tell you, I was really regretting my decision to "find it when we got there." What did humanity do before the creation of MapQuest and GoogleMaps? Trying to navigate through a city with a simple map is like trying to go scuba diving with a straw. It doesn't exactly work. At least there was good company in my car to ward off the insanity:) Although, if I never drive around another circle thing in my life, I will be happy.

The plants (and butterflies) at the arboretum were sooooo gorgeous.


  1. hahaha....funnnnyyy...
    Well, I do like all things French but do they return the love?
    Thank you for my awesome birthday!

  2. Those pictures are really gorgeous!

  3. aemelia. yes.

    nicole. thanks.