Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bella, the movie

I just watched the movie, bella, for the second time, and I think I liked it even more than the first time. It has the whole independent/foreign film feel to it. It was artful and emotional. The plot is simple but beautiful; the cinematography basic but insightful. My favorite scenes are when a blind man asks Nina to describe the day to him in exchange for one of his folded paper origami creations. See clip here. Another one of my favorites is when girls on the street compliment Nina's Mexican dress that they think Jose spent a fortune on, but really it was her waitressing uniform.

The casting was excellent. Eduardo Verástegui is a perfect soccer player turned mysterious chef, and Tammy Blanchard is a great down-and-out New York City waitress. Alejandro Sanz even put one of his songs into the film that infuses the soul of his music with the lives of the characters.

After watching this movie my heart feels heavy (in a good way). This is a film filled with humanity and brimming with a positive message despite seemingly overbearing hardships. You've got to watch this one.

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