Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Trip to DC

Yesterday Emily C. and I went to Washington DC. We drove to Shady Grove and then took the metro into the city. EMILY gave ME wrong directions. Yes, that's right, now there is balance in the universe and people can no longer accuse ME of being a bad direction giver.

NMAI teepeesWe first visited the National Museum of the American Indian. I was more impressed with it that I expected to be. The elaborate bead work of Native Americans is amazing. Also, the influence of Christianity on Native American culture was clearly delineated in certain displays.

pandaNext we visited the National Zoo. Unfortunately, we got to the zoo so late that we missed a lot of the animals. Emily flirted with the zoo police in the panda exhibit so the officer let us stay to watch the pandas chomping on bamboo for an extra half hour. Way to go.

Nen DaikoLastly, we saw a show at the National Theater: Nen Daiko: The Power and Beauty of Taiko Drumming. I was highly impressed. The settings were intimate. We were very close to the performers; so close we could see the sweat dripping off their brow. The performance was spectacular. I don't know how their arms don't fall off.
The fabulous drummers from the Ekoji Buddhist Temple present kumi daiko – ensemble drumming – played on large Japanese drums with choreographed movement. Their performance embodies the bold energy and athleticism characteristic of this mesmerizing musical form.
Overall, we had a nice day.


  1. 1. harharharharhar.....one time i gave you bad directions compared to how many you gave me? boooooo

    2. that's a good pic of us

    3. harharharharhar...he was flirting with both of us and only handed me the card b/c i was closer to him...you ran off to the side to take pics

  2. Whatever. bad directions only happen when its the combination of us two. I blame it on you.

    The zoo guy was flirting with you, and only you, I was just there as your emotional support.

    (and I edited your comment, the #4, um thank you.)