Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day

Hey, do you remember Lucky Charms cereal? I was just thinking about it today. I remember at Camp YoliJwa when I was younger, we would always storm the dining hall in the mornings to get a table with Lucky Charms, because that was the only fun cereal they served. To be honest though, I never liked the little marshmallows. They may have been cool shapes, but they were kind of gross. Anyway...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

May you be visited by little scary green leprechauns in your sleep and wake up to rainbows and a pot of gold...


  1. isn't it creepy how the leprechaun has human arms and hands?

  2. emily c. - i think that is a mask.

    i love the cereal Lucky Charms. i like the marshmallows though. i am very funny about that cereal though. every bit has to have at least one marshmallow on the spoon full. i have given up my childhood cereals and started to eat healthier cereal...

  3. yeah, i just now noticed how creepy it is. hmmmm.

  4. em: I know it's a mask....but that just adds to the creepy factor. Like some sort of masked killer or child snatcher. brrrrrr....