Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Magic

MagicI went to a magic and comedy show yesterday at the Chambersburg Capitol Theater. The building was quite nice, and the show was entertaining. I have never seen a live ventriloquist before. A lot of Pete Michaels' jokes were a bit off color, especially considering there were kids in the audience. His routine was more for the older folks. Greg Kennedy did innovative juggling, and I have never seen juggling quite like that before. Chris Capehart did some comedy magic aimed at the kids. He liked to say, "hurry up kid."

One guy, Jason Bishop, did lots of the those fancy smancy hand card disappearing tricks. But most impressive were his making-the-lovely-assistant-disappear feats. I really have no idea where or how the girl could have escaped and reappeared. To top it off, she had on a different outfit every time she returned. Whoah. That just might have been magic.

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