Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peking Acrobats

Peking Acrobats Logo Ridiculous I say, ridiculous.

I went to see the Peking Acrobats from China last night with John, and they were amazing.
I think I had a clenched fist for the entire performance.

Peking Acrobats BalanceWe witnessed stunts like precarious chair balancing, spinning plates, jumping back and forth from two really tall poles, Chinese dragon costumes, a human jump rope, tables balancing and twirling on feet, riding a unicycle on an umbrella, juggling with odd objects, bodies hopping through hoops, 10 people on one bicycle, unwinding from free hanging ropes, crazy lifts, and body contortions.

I'm still amazed.

Peking Acrobats DragonsThe show was definitely first class. I could imagine it being performed for important dignitaries. The music by the instrumentalists was beautiful, the choreography great, and thrill entertaining. I can't but help but wonder what life is like for the young performers. Nobody's spine is supposed to bend the way they bent theirs.

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