Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Break

Whoo. It's officially spring break for me. There will be no bikinis, beaches, fruity drinks with umbrellas, sunshine, or anything else that is normally associated with the college phenomenon known as Spring Break. I will be hanging out at home trying to get stuff done--namely ceramics and an American Lit paper (not to say that I have ever participated in the common notion of spring break revelry). Hopefully though, I will have the chance to do something fun. We shall see.

But in good news, or rather really good news, I got a call this morning that I answered with a grogy hello. It was a professor from Boston University who was on the application review committee telling me that I have been accepted to the Department of Communication at BU. Whooo. I am quite pleased.


  1. congrats on BU. it is exciting. ps: i am on my spring break and i will not be going away anywhere where it is warm and there is sun.

  2. holy crap jenn! this is incredible! why didn't you freakin call me?! grrrrr! you suck!
    congrats! oooohhhh...this just means we'll be separated...

  3. thanks. i'm glad some people are excited for me.

    emily w- it's ok not to have sun

    emily c- who said we're going to be separated?