Friday, March 7, 2008

Spirals spirals spirals

Spiral PlantThis link, the Spiral Gallery, has an interesting assortment of spiral photographs. I can't find any background information or project details. I think someone ripped them from Flickr and pasted them into this collection. There isn't much over there other than a thumbnail compilation, but I recommend taking a quick peek. You will find a bunch of really cool spiral photographs.

Spiral SnailFor some reason, looking for spirals in ordinary life reminds of searching for the five bars in those Verizon commercials. There is something gratifying about finding order in nature or pattern in chaos. I really like the idea. It is fresh, simple, and collaborative--my favorite type of art.

Spiral StaircaseI am thinking I have a few spiral images that I have taken myself over the past few years. I can think of at least two. I may or may not be motivated to post my findings sometime the in future. But until then enjoy those over at the Spiral Gallery.

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