Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

NYC times square NYC millionaire
nycOn Tuesday we went to the big apple, NYC, for some television tapings, but we didn't leave early enough to use the Good Morning America tickets we had. We did however make it to Who wants to be a Millionaire starring Meredith Veira. The atmosphere was very cool with the blue lights, fog machines, and dah dah music. We all tried out to be a contestant but none of us passed the test. Unfortunately about 2.5 hours into the drive on the way there I got violently ill all of the sudden. I was puking into a plastic bag in the car and we had to roll down the windows on the middle of the highway. I had to stop in a hotel to recoup and encouraged everyone else just to leave me there but luckily I got better very quickly. Not helping, we did pick to go to New York City on the freaking hottest day of the summer during a stupid heat wave. Are we crazy? Yes. Even still, it was fun. I love the city life. I'm afraid I'm tuning into a city girl.

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