Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Got Toilet Papered

car toilet paperedYesterday when I woke up I had an interesting surprise waiting for me in the driveway. My dad was shocked. I was shocked. My neighbors were shocked. My car was COVERED in toiletpaper and saran wrap. I was impressed at how well it was wrapped around the bottom, almost like a present...
But yeah, the dew must have set and then the sun dried it, so now there are little specks of toilet paper all over my car like it had a bad shave job in the morning.
At first I wasn't sure who to be mad at. But then I thought who else would do this than Emily, especially since she had mentioned something of the likes of this to do someone else a few weeks ago? She fessed up after many accusations. Her and Neil at 3 in the morning. Those little boogers.


  1.'s "she and neil" not "her and neil" and I'll get those pictures that I took to you very soon

  2. Nhh, uh. If you use the infamous "take the other person out" rule it makes sense: Her at 3 in the morning.

    If you change it, (She at 3 in the morning) it sounds even worse.

    The reality is that I used a fragment as a complete sentence so shame on me, but really neither one of us are grammatically correct.

  3. I second what jenn said, in the fact that both of you are wrong. Shame on you Miss. English major.

  4. Hey... as an English major I feel I should have the right to alter the English language as I see fit to better suit my needs of characteristic expression. That should be allowed, you know like poetic license and the such.