Monday, August 21, 2006


Independence Hall

This weekend Tami, Emily, Nicole and I went to Philly. Wahoooo. We had fun.
I may have hopelessly driven over the Benjamin Franklin bridge into New Jersey but eventually we got there.
We saw the Liberty Bell that is a tourist must-see, but a little disappointing since its kept indoors and roped off.
We toured the rest of the historic part of the city.
We got our picture taken with a mean colonial man.
Philly CheesesteaksWe (at least Emily and I) ate Philly Cheese steaks at the infamous Pats.
We visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
We took a cab ride with a creepy driver that obviously had a mental deficiency so we requested to get out before even getting back to our hostel and lucky me got to ride in the front.
We met Dr. Fiorini at the Pink Rose on South Street for dessert (mmmm white chocolate raspberry mousse cake).
We drove through maddening streets looking for legal parking spaces.
We walked into an extraordinary expensive restaurant at 12:30 AM, realized we couldn't afford it and left there for another chic restaurant that was very nice, but in which I ordered a paté that I now know is mystery (most likely lamb) meat spread.
We starved Tami on Friday night.
We went to see the Lion King (a post to follow)
We sat outside my car while waiting for a security guard to jump my car (luckily in a safe part of the city)

Liberty Bell Philly

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