Friday, August 18, 2006

I Heart Benji

Benji won!
Benji won So You Think You Can Dance!
I have been cheering for him since the beginning of the show.
benji and heidi benji winning
This past week I've been at my Grandma's house so I didn't get to see the show on Wednesday but my mom taped it and I just watched it. I think I screamed when I found out who won.

A: I love Benji, He's so sweet, down to earth, a good dancer, funny, and incredibly entertaining.
B: My favorite show of the summer was So You Think You Can Dance. I just can't describe how much I loved it. And my favorite dancer won. How often does that happen? Maybe the 18 times I called in to vote last week actually helped...

Sometimes I feel like I have nowhere to express my happiness. No one really shares my enthusiasm about this. At least I have a meager blog to share my reality television obsession with, even if cyber space doesn't care so much either, at least I FEEL like someone is high-fiving me and dancing on the tabletops that Benji won too. I mean come on, somebody has to care.

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