Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Shift Key Incident

shift keyI shall call this Jenn's shift key story. You know that when you work in Photoshop you can resize images by clicking your mouse in a corner to enlarge or shrink your image, BUT sometimes when you do this the images can become distorted. If you go too far in one direction and not the other Uncle Bob looks extra fat or Aunt Sally looks like a pencil head. Well, the way to solve this problem is to push the shift key while you are resizing the image and it will remain in its original proportions. I was doing just this while I was working at Camp Fire. My boss, Laura, was approving a brochure that I had designed and she said that the Camp Fire USA logo looked a little distorted and that I should push the shift key to prevent it from changing dimensions. I proceeded to show her on the computer how I pushed the shift button while resizing the logo, but it started growing out of proportion despite my efforts. Very quickly I blurted out in a loud voice,


Heads Turned. Silence...

"I mean I pushed the shift key." My brain worked too fast for my mouth and I inadvertently offended the entire office. I saw my internship flash before my eyes, I imagine that blatant swearing in the workplace is frowned upon. One syllable sentences at a raised voice that have similar phonologies to 4-letter words are generally misunderstood. After I started laughing and assured Laura I didn't just swear in frustration she cracked a smile and we both laughed about it. I was so embarrassed. Always think before you yell "SHIFT."

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  1. Nice jenn..really smooth. At least you didn't say "flock" (even though you would have no reason to) or call the computer a mother f***er. But I can imagine you sitting there and screaming to the computer "shift!" as if the computer would comply to your demands.