Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Love Ebay

malaga sand morocco sand
When I was in the desert in Morocco and at the Malagueta beach in Spain I collected water bottles full of sand and then took a picture of them in their natural habitat. I jokingly thought I could try to sell them on Ebay. I finally got around to listing them this week, and they sold. The great part is how much they sold for. Take a guess. Guess how much I got for a plastic bottle full of sand?

Bah ha hah ha, I got $49.99 a piece not including shipping and handling. I made a hundred bucks off of sand. I love capitalism. I love Ebay. Take that all those who doubted my crazy antics while I was filling those bottles up and lugging them around in my suitcase. They paid off! I rule the world. (evil laughter)


  1. Yeah jenn, you may have made some money...but you just sold precious memories, no dirty yucky sand to make projects with, like picture frames with awesome pictures of your stay in Spain. Just a smelly weird camel.

  2. Hey, he can't help it he smells. Plus its a good smell... hmmmm... like the markets of Fes, spices, camel, incense, and the likes. Anyway, the sand was just going to sit there. Now I have money. I like money better than sand.

  3. Jenn,I do ebay and think your idea was great although I'd never pay you $49 for a bottle of sand. But hey, more power to ya girl...Now wish I had thought of something like that! ;)