Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Camp Fire USA

camp fire usa banner
This summer I interned at Camp Fire USA Lone Star Council as a public image cooridinator. I absolutely loved it there. My sister agreed to let me live with her in Dallas and I found this internship online with Exxonmobile summer jobs program so I applied for it while I was still in Spain.
The people at Camp Fire are all so cool, I miss them. The atmosphere was very inviting and fun. I liked the marketing part of my job so much that I am seriously considering changing my major...again. I translated a bunch of stuff into Spanish for them and made some brochures, made some surveys, brushed up their website that you can take a peek at here (note the fire banner), and other stuff too. Awww, now I am sad. I couldn't have had a better internship experience, I wanna go back to Texas. Boo hoo.

If nothing else, I learned the keyboard shortcuts for all the Spanish accented letters. I hate not having a Spanish keyboard. That is very frustrating. You could never compose long papers without a specified keyboard. Just when I got used to finding the @ button or the upside down question mark, I had to leave it behind. bah humbug

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