Saturday, August 12, 2006

Les Misérables

les mizI read Les Miz that I bought at Half Price Books this summer and then Michelle and Tony took me to see it on the broadway tour in Dallas. I loved it! The book was good and the play even better. They had a revolving stage that added a new element to the show that I've never experienced before. The whole show was dimly lit in sync with the mood. I kept on pointing out all the differences between the book and the broadway show and getting really excited about it. Eponine was much more a central character in the play while in the book she was only glanced over. She was much less idealized as on stage. And then the similartities too, made me happy. Jean ValJean's yellow passport and the scene where he is carrying Marius through the Parisian sewers. Oh, and when Cosette sang the Castle on a Cloud song I about flipped. I remember singing that in Chorus in like 8th grade and I had no idea that is was from Les Misérables. M and T bought the 50 dollar sound track at the theater because Tony like the chain song. I say why not wait a few minutes and download it online for a fraction of the price? Nevertheless a very good show, and I hear it is coming back to broadway in NYC too.

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