Thursday, June 5, 2008

Could It Be Global Warming?

Sweltering. Yes, that is the word to describe the heat today.

Today being the first real "hot" day of "summer," it didn't take long until we realized that our air conditioning is broken. The air inside our house sticky as molasses. It feels like we are sitting inside a greenhouse with winter coats on. I am generally a cold person, but today is the exception.

The air conditioning repairmen originally said they couldn't come for two weeks since everybody is probably cranking up the air for the first time this season, but then they showed up at our door an hour later. They have been tinkering with the central air all day long, but nothing. They hacked up the bush surrounding the unit, been hammering, taking apart, putting back to together, making strange noises, and it won't work. Oh, now we'll have to back to the days before air-conditioning. I don't think I enjoy that prospect.

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