Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy, Daddy, Look What I Made For You

Happy Father's Day!

Since I made my mother a gift for mother's day, it only seemed appropriate to make my father a gift for father's day.

My trumpet paintingAs such, daddy will be getting a 16 X 20 painting that I did of his trumpet. I posed it and painted it when he wasn't looking (mostly because I am not allowed to touch his baby). I zoomed in really close, changing it's shiny silver body to gold, but it's still recognizable, right? The golden yellow tones just seemed so much warmer for a painting. And the browns in the background will be much better able to match the decor of our living room where it will likely be hung. It's the thought that counts. Right? Not the resemblance.

Well, I hope Dad likes his present!

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  1. ah! that's good Jenn!
    by the way...please email me your poem of the flamenco dancer....I would like to email it to Jean-Nicolas to show him how good it is