Monday, June 16, 2008

Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the ParkThe rain held out just enough to enjoy an evening with Shakespeare in Harrisburg on Saturday. Reservoir Park hosted "Love's Labour's Lost" for the city's Shakespeare in the Park. Let me tell you, free live shows at an open outdoor theater. Can't get better than that.

This particular rendition was a 1980's adaptation (clothing-wise) with the same tried and true Shakespearean iambic pentameter. I saw a different version of this same play as a groundling at the Globe Theater in London, but the truth is, you can't ever get tired of a classic.

Despite having seen the comedy before, I was still somewhat confused about the subplots on stage. I guess I will have to take a look at the text to actually appreciate the full complexity of the work. Nevertheless, a Shakespeare-laden evening made for a lovely time in Pennsylvania's state capital.

If you live around south central PA, You can check here for information about other free events the Levitt Pavilion sponsers throughout the summer.

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