Monday, June 9, 2008

Roses Are Not Just Red

I'm started to get an overload of gorgeous flower pictures. It's like this spring and early summer has boasted of a ridiculous amount of natural beauty. Here is a selection of roses in my grandparent's flower bed.

I am staying at my grandparents house this week until our air conditioning gets fixed. I swear, the air went out during a record heat wave for our area. I get the feeling it knew it was going to have to work overtime so it decided to shut down completely. On the plus side though, one hour in my house leads to lovely skin. The sauna-like conditions guarantee it.


  1. You need to tough it out with the heat... you don't have to live with it all the time... imagine waking up and inside it 80 degrees and it just keeps getting warmer and warmer during the day.

  2. yes. that is what I was living with for about 4 days. and that was too many. I think it got over 100 inside at one point.