Monday, November 14, 2005


Blah, I felt so sick today at school. You have never really puked until you have puked in one of the toilets in a public restroom. Luckily no one came in while I was spilling my guts. It was strange, the sickness hit me all of the sudden. I am feeling generally better, but still nauseated.

I learned something new today while looking up how to spell nauseous. I'll pass the enlightenment on to you:
The word nauseous is properly used only to mean “causing nausea,” and it is incorrect to use it to mean “affected with nausea,” as in Roller coasters make me nauseous. In this example, nauseated is preferred. Nauseous is widely used to mean “feeling sick,” it appears that people use nauseous mainly in the sense in which it is considered incorrect. In its “correct” sense it is being supplanted by nauseating.


  1. Nice, Jenn, real nice. Actually, I do know what it is like to puke in one of their toliets....happened first semester, freshmen year. Fun.

  2. Wow, you really do learn something new everyday.