Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hike and Good Company

This afternoon a group of us from the honors program went on a hike. We had a nice time even though it was really cold. The view was spectacular from the top of the mountain; quite nice.
Tonight my brother-in-law (Tony) and his friend Pablo came over to hang out. They were telling us about the conference they had gone to and also about the human flesh (Body Worlds) display in Philly that stirs so many heated debates. I think it is awesome that they use the cadavers for the common people to appreciate. It's not like they killed the people to inflate their veins with plastic, they probably just donated their bodies to science after they died. Who cares what happens to your body after you are no longer in it?
Anyway, then my dad made poor Pablo sing and play his guitar for us which was absolutely wonderful. He played us some songs that he had composed himself.


  1. Well, most people (myself included) probably do care about how their body is treated and where it ends up after they are gone. While I don't want it being probed and prodded for science (the aliens have already turned me off of that, anyway! Brrrrr!), I am listed as an organ donor on my driver's license so that I might be able to help others live a longer or more enriched life. I am happy to use this small forum to promote this cause. Thanks!


    P.S. Nice job on turning the blogsite into a Festive Fall Forum!

  2. this new template looks excellent. good job.