Thursday, November 3, 2005

Blue Streak

So I had an art class today and we are doing painting. Apparently I swiped my face with paint brush, because i had a fairly large streak of blue paint down the side of my face. That class lasted three hours, plus I had 2 tutoring session afterwards. Can you really mean to tell me that none of the 15 people in the class, none of the tutors, secretaries, tutees, or random people on the sidewalk would say "hey, you got blue paint on your face?" I have been walking around like an idiot for 5 hours and no one said a word. Not even a hand motion to indicate there's a big strange blue mark on your face. Did they think I put it there on purpose? That I enjoy the look of a blue stripe because it brings out my eyes? Jeepers people, can't you help a girl out?

Yay, off to the Big Apple in... 7 hours. So excited


  1. Bwa hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Funnnnnyyy!!!! Poor Jenn, this does not add to your reputation. They were very mean people, by the way. Have fun in NYC!!!

  2. Wha...??!!! How and why do you get to go to NYC so often? You even get to miss classes to go there for the umpteenth time this year! Not only that, but you've gone to a number of other places this same year. What is the deal, and aren't you using up your greenbacks for your studying abroad in the process?

    Your concerned financial advisor,

    Gary W.

  3. I had to go to NY to get my visa. You have to go in person to obtain it, that was not an option. The SD trip was paid for by an undergraduate research grant that we applied for. My classes, well, I've just had to make the work up. Anyway, Good to hear from you Gary, even if it is just to yell at me.