Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Turkey Day!

At least I have tonight to hang out with friends that came home for Thanksgiving vacation! I'm excited to see everyone that I have missed (and those I haven't too, ha ha).
Goin' to Myrtle Beach in the morn. We should be going somewhere warm, but there's no reasoning with my parents. Who goes to the beach when it's likely to snow there? Hopefully I'll get seashells and it won't be too bitterly cold to go golfing. I probably won't have access to a computer to blog, unless there is one in the hotel; so adios and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. O ya.. Americans have the Thanksgiving in November. I totally forgot about that.

  2. Yeah, thanksgiving. Does canada have a thanksgiving? I thought it was just a US thing? If so when?