Thursday, May 12, 2005 Grandma's house we go!

Yesterday and today I spent at my Grandma's house to keep her company while my pappy went to his cabin. We had a blast. We played evey game imaginable and I remained victorious in most of them. (evil laughter) And, mmm, mmm, Grandma makes the best ham and potatoes ever. This morning I made her pancakes in return. Even special ones with chocolate chips in them. Tasty I must admit. Today I finally recieved the shirts that I bought on ebay, but sadly one is too big and another is too small. I think the lady put a kids size in with adult size. That makes me angry. Plus I can't even resell it because the tags are cut in half and there's some kind of writing on the neck of it, that was not listed in the description. Serves me right, huh, for buying crap off of ebay. Unfortunately not all the people in the world are honest ones.

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