Friday, May 6, 2005

BAM-- that was my brain.

Last final today. I am done with the semester now!!!! Only gotta go into the university and talk to a professor, sell a book back, and then, yup, nada mas.

Thinking about studying abroad again. Actually I never stop thinking about it. So I've decided more than likely I'll be going Spain (thanks for the help Kevin and Emily), but now I've got to decide where in Spain and with what organization and such. Do I go for the more prestigious university or the beachy southern area? Do I go for more the more expensive longer program or shorter cheaper one? Do I go somewhere closer to the rest of Europe or down by the Mediterranean Sea? The questions are endless, and my mind hurts. I can't even decide where to put the credits. Should I put them all in a Spanish minor or try to get rid of boring gen ed classes? Why can't I just have a personal robot to answer all my questions for me? My head is about to explode.

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