Sunday, May 8, 2005

Playdough + ice cream = Yummy

Today was my first day back working at the Links this season. And so the summer begins handing out putters to ungrateful children and scooping ice cream for the chocoholics.
Speaking of ice cream, we got a new flavor from Hershey's-- playdough. I tried a bite, and it is much like the flavor cookie dough. I still just feel like there is something disturbing about eating a spoonful of something called play dough. It doesn't help that is colored bright yellow and has chunks of red and blue "play dough" disbursed throughout it. Everyone ate it as a child, but it was always too salty for my taste. And, I'd always get that sick feeling after ingesting that flour and water and salt and who-knows-what-else mixuture. Regardless, if you ever are in Shippensburg, you gotta come play mini golf and try the playdough icecream. It can be tasty if you just get past the name.


  1. Yuck jenn, you ate playdough? No wonder you were in the "special" classes...special indeed. What else do you eat? Your hair? Toenails?

  2. Emily C.May 08, 2005

    Oh hey, you want to be a mentor for the incoming honors freshmen? B/c i said you would and this year they're doing this thing where two mentors buddy up and have a group of i said you would be my buddy. You better be or else...

  3. Yeah, sure. That sounds like fun. But thanks for ASKING me first!