Tuesday, May 24, 2005


On most every Monday night Jay Leno does his infamous Headlines where people send in mistakes or funny stuff out of newspapers. They are always hilarious. Tonight my favorite one was an article about a prison in some local town. The article said something along the lines of: The Knitting Program for Inmates to Make Ski Masks Has Been Discontinued. I'm dead serious and the headline was as well. The thing I want to know, is what genius started the program to teach knitting not blankets but ski masks, to prisoners? I guess they figure they'll slip back into a life of crime anyway so let's make sure our prisoners are fashionable while they rob banks...


  1. Well, since you can't get AIM, we'll have to talk this way....can you believe Lost and Alias?! I jumped when i saw the car hit vaungh and syd. Craziness. Why was her mom back though? I missed last week. and post that email from the prof. that's awesome.

  2. Alias and Lost, one word-- awesome! Not gonna post the email, here's not the appropriate place. Sorry em.