Friday, May 13, 2005


So upon the request of Emily, I shalt blog upon our shopping trip on Tuesday. Emily, Tami, Katie, and I went to the Gettysburg outlets and shopped our little hearts out. They have a beloved Old Navy there, and I myself found some fancy deals on clothes. We had a lot of fun. That was our reward for finishing finals, and a good one too.

While talking on the phone with Emily today let me tell you what she suggested. Emily thinks that famine and disease are good because they are a means of population control. She said, "In an ideal world" for example, famine would wipe out millions of people. This was the funniest thing I ever heard, that an ideal could equal the suffering of so many. Perhaps ideal was not the right word, but a natural world? if scientists just hadn't come up with all these new inventions then people wouldn't be alive that naturally would be dead. I had a tough time convincing her that pain is essentially bad, because she holds onto the thread that suffering is good because it makes you stronger and such. Sure, but still the pain part of it is still bad, only the effects can sometimes be good. I beleive God allows bad things to happen, not only to produce some good from it but also to punish the sin in the world Suffering is a two way street, it can be good yes, but more so it is bad and that is just it. It's been awhile since I've had a good debate. Please feel free to leave your thoughts, especially you Em.

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