Monday, February 18, 2008


Wii GameThis past weekend I got a chance to play with the hottest toy of the year--the Wii. Thanks Em. And i have the lingering "claw" hand to prove it. Ha ha.

You get to make a mini you, known as the Mii. Unfortunately, we were not really adept enough to make one look exactly like me. I suppose I don't transpose into mix-and-match pre-fabricated digital body parts so well. But that's okay, Mii's are only used in the sports such as tennis and golf.

Wii Rabbid with a PlungerMost amusing though, was the Rayman Raving Rabbids Game. You embark on various trips and perform different tasks to beat your opponent (or the computer), like shooting little rabbits with plungers, chucking spit balls at the teacher when his back is turned, shaking up colorful potions, goofing off at work while the boss is in the other room, gliding down hills in carts, and swiveling the chair in a photo booth. Note: some of the messages taught in this game are deceptively cute while tip-toeing into the morally questionable... But anyway...

None of us hurled the device into the television either.
For Nintendo itself, it's fessing up that the wrist straps on the wave-me-like-a-madman remote control aren't up to being waved by a madman--or even your typical 13-year-old game player.

Wiiiiiiii fun.

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  1. you are quite welcome! it must be done many times more. i love that rabbid pic...i can just imagine him going, "uh weh eh..weeeeee!!" maybe we'll rent the first one