Friday, February 29, 2008

One Dumb Squirrel

Bah ha ha. This is great. I found it floating in cyberspace. I do have a thing about squirrels--their squirreliness. I do have to admit, however, this little guy is kind of cute. (Although he might be a chipmunk. We can't see his tail, so it make it difficult to tell.) I personally like image 4 the best.

Squirrel eating a nut
Hmmmmm, maybe I can fit this thing in my mouth. La la la la. Yes, yes. Almost got it. Too big, no, no, choking. dying. Ugh, whew.


  1. hahaha...awwww..these are so cute! i bet it was that darned squirrel that bite me at Penn State...honestly, how do you find these things on the internet?
    *ummpgh umpgh* *squeeze* *squishhhh* *gawk chawk* *wheeze* *gump* *ahhhhh*

  2. the rabid one you mean? ha ha

    I know. This guy is soooooooooooooooo cutesy wootsey. I love how he is like passed out afterwards.