Thursday, February 7, 2008

A penny for your thoughts

Stack of Pennies"It now costs 1.4 cents to make a penny" according to Citizens for Retiring the Penny It is a waste of money and of time to even bend over and pick up a penny.

I'm not going to lie, the thought of abolishing the penny makes me sad. Call it nostalgic, but the penny is quintessentially American.

I saw this in a Stephen J. Dubner article, "What Do You Do With Your Pennies?"
The most ridiculous pro-penny defense I’ve seen in a while appeared in a full-page ad in the Times on June 21, 2006... "New legislation will attempt to DO AWAY WITH THE PENNY. What’s next, puppies and rainbows too?"
Big PennyHe goes on to further criticize the quote and statistics included in the ad. But, really, I agree. I like puppies. I like rainbows. And I like pennies. Don't take away our shiney penny happiness.

Also check out the interesting NY Times article by Austan Goolsbee , "Now That a Penny Isn’t Worth Much, It’s Time to Make It Worth 5 Cents" that suggests to rebase the penny to make it worth five cents.

Can't a girl have some penny love?


  1. i like pennies too...i like the feeling of finding a shiny penny and smashing it in a smashing penny machine

  2. that doesn't surprise me that you like to smash them. ha ha. -but that is another reason why we can't get rid of the pennies, what kind of souvenir would you get then?

  3. i have so many pennies but i always forget them when i go to the store so i just end up collecting more pennies. when does the madness end? plus, i find pennies on the group. i can see jenn being the one who is jumping up and down she finds a penny. i like to pick them up and stick it in my pocket and move on.