Monday, February 27, 2006


supermanCarnaval this weekend in Málaga was a lot of fun. People dress up in Halloween costumes and sing on the streets. We went out on Friday and Saturday night, even in the rain.
On Sunday I was walking along the beach and a guy came up to me, and started talking. He told me about how he went to Cádiz this weekend and how he met other girls from the US there. I stupidly asked him what he dress up as, so he proceeded to say "super-hombre." He pulled up his shirt to show me the big S on his shirt and then before I knew it he said, "look," pulled down his pants revealing his pretty red speedo and tights. I was like ok, thats nice and kept on walking, but he wanted me to come sit down and talk with him. Ha, ha, yeah right. Eventually he went away when he realized I was more interested in the seashells crunching under our feet than him.
Holly and I also have a stalker that keeps on calling us, wanting to hang out, but I tell him that I don´t want to leave the house. No fear, I´m safe, but I never cease to meet interesting people. And. my intercambio called me back, so I guess I didn´t offend him too much, and we are going to hang out again tonight.

Let me leave you with a quote from Melissa while eating chicken, "Mmmmmmm, it tastes like Grandma!"


  1. What do you mean "MMMMMM, it tastes like Grandma!" That's creepy Jenn. And it seems like you always have stalkers no matter where you go.

  2. no, no I didn´t say it, Melissa did. She meant it tasted like her grandma´s cooking, but the words didn´t come out right. It makes me laugh, ha ha.