Monday, February 13, 2006


Ronda was pretty. Went there this weekend. On a mountain. Me like sentence fragments.

arab baths Ronda is another of those cliff towns, that look like they could take a tumble anyday. The Arab Baths we visited were sooo cool. The Arabs were freaking geniuses. I would so want to go to a hot room, cold room, massage room, pool room, etc. if I lived back then. Heck, I want my own bath house now. I´d invite all my friends and we could have a bath house party!

I've noticed a trend that a lot of southern Spanish cities build their homes on the edge of a cliff. Come on guys. Who really thought that was a good idea?? This is my room mate Kourtney and me. I dressed for a winter storm, but then it was deadly hot on the bus ride there and I though I would die of heat.


  1. Errrrr....Jenn, as nice as that sounds....a bath party I may have to pass. I told Dr. Fiorini about how you bought a dagger and the whole boxcutter scenerio...he laughed and asked if you'd ever learn. He also said that you need to either ship it home or hide it deep in your lugage. See Jenn, even when you're not here, I'm still making you look like a fool...hehehehe!!!!!

  2. Sorry Jenn but a bath party sounds kinda creepy. And what in the world are you going to do with a dagger?

  3. What do you THINK I am going to do with a dagger???

    Don´t worry it would be a clothing/swimsuit required bath party.

    And Emily, stop it. Some things you just shouldn´t tell your professors!