Wednesday, February 8, 2006


toledogrecoWe spent two days in Toledo touring all the "stuff" there. It was really fairytale-like with the all ancient history around us. We saw the famous Greco in a cathedral that I don´t remember the name of. We toured a monastary, a synagogue (I think), a cathedral, and a castle, all quite beautiful. The city basically rests on a edge of a cliff and it is so awesome to see. I bought a dagger in a local shop although I really wanted a sword but feared it may not fare well in my suitcase at the airport. We went shopping in the local tiendas and I tried callos. Let me tell you, never order callos de madrileƱos. As I found out later it was a steaming bowl of the lining of a cow`s stomach. We took pictures of the hair...or whatever it was... floating in my food. Hmmmm. yeah.


  1. Jenn, that is very gross...what is with you eating weird boar/cow stuff? First the boar in NYC and now hair in your food? Sounds really awesome though, touring all the stuff. You bought a dagger? Do you not learn your lesson? What are you going to do? Put it right next to your gun or boxcutter when you get on the plane? Or beside your razor?

  2. ha ha ha. You make me laugh. I actually laughed out loud. People looked at me strange.

    Yes, I am going to put it in the suitcase beside my firearms and large nuclear bomb-looking device.