Thursday, February 2, 2006


¡Hola de Màlaga! I am finally here. No fear, I am alive.
picassoLet´s break this down into more than one day, starting with some things from Madrid.
Museo del Prado with Goya, Greco, and Velasquez paintings
Museo de Reina Sofia with Guernico by Picasso
palacio real
Palacio Real with lots of pretty golden things, very nice. Although all the tours were in Spanish, I understood a good bit. ...more later

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  1. Jenn!!!! How are you doing? Found a guy yet? How are the Spanish guys over there? Do they think you are a "promiscuous American"? How's your host family/widow? Is the weather nice there? It's been in the 50's a lot here. And you know, the semester has barely begun and who-know-who in you-know-what class we took together is irratating me Email me!