Friday, February 24, 2006

Time, time

I have no time. I want to continue blogging here of course. I want travel like mad. I want become fluent in Spanish. I want to hang out with friends every day. I want to do so many things but only all at the same time. I swear, the Spainards never sleep. The siesta is lie, because it is only for an hour, but then they stay up all night. How can they function in real jobs? It befoggles me.

I met with an intercambio on Wednesday, and he is very nice and guapo ha ha. We started talking about politics which I could forsee as a bad subject. Yeah, yeah, everyone hates Bush, everyone hates America, I know that already. Please don´t ask for my opinion, because I don´t want to give it. And then I ended the night by offending him. We shared a taxi home but my stop was first and he said ¨no te preocupes¨ which I took to mean, I´ll pay for it, but then as I was walking to my apartment, I thought...hmmmm, maybe that´s not what he meant. I´m going to throw money at him the next time we meet, just to make sure it was. Sometimes I feel like the biggest moron. I don´t know the customs, and I probably say and do stupid things all the time without even realizing it. Somehow I told Francis (my intercambio) the equvilent of you are lazy, but at least he found it funny.
I never have trouble making a fool of myself in the US, so just imagine the damage I can do in another country. The only difference is that here, I can´t laugh about it, because I don´t know that I´m doing something moronic.


  1. Now that is being funny and you don't even know so you can't appreciate the beauty of it! What's an intercambio? B/c, you know, I can think of a lot of things that could be...heh. Man, you're just jet-setting all over the places...what are your friends like?

  2. you're not forgetting us in good old ship are you?

  3. NOOOO, of course i´m not forgetting you wonderful people!!!!
    An intercambio is a person that you practice Spanish with and they practice English.
    My friends here are great. not great as you...of course. They are funny. ha ha.