Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day

I live with the two sweetest Spanairds, Maria and Paco. They cook me sooooo much food that it isn´t even funny. One night we had a mountain of artichoke hearts. That I could have done without. I´m actually quite good at a smiling and monotonously bringing the fork to the mouth followed by a swig of water, which is then followed by the fork to the plate and back to the mouth again. Every now and then I throw in a mmmmm, bien, when I of course I mean, mmmm, bien, I am almost done.

heartToday in the most ultimate worst day for single people in the world (Dia de San Valentín) I am not so depressed. I AM in Spain, and there are hot Spanish guys everywhere just waiting for me to meet them. wink. Plus a guy from our program bought all of the girls a flower. Awww, how sweet.


  1. Boooo Jenn, you suck...are you going to dry the flower and keep it? You should go to the Olympics while you're in Spain...just hop over to Italy...That would be soooo awesome!

  2. thank you for the picture.

  3. Nah, the ticket to italy is pretty steep.

    The picture? The heart? Did it warm your soul? Give you warm fuzzies inside? I´m glad.