Friday, March 3, 2006


AlcazabaThis week we visited the famous Alcazaba castle that rests on a hill overlooking the city of Málaga. Awww, so nice. And good history too.
Tea. I have discovered tea. It is so good for a sore throat such that I have. My favorite is warm tea con leche (milk). Flavor? Manzanilla con Anis (Whatever Manzanilla is with Licorice) mmmmmm, heaven.


  1. Why is it famous? Some of us aren't Spanish buffs...some of us didn't waste our time in Spanish class in high school, but took Latin and had real fun and learning there...heh

  2. It is beside the roman theater and built on roman remains in in the 11th century by the Moors to guard the Gibralfaro castle. ...Or at least thats what I think the tourguide was saying.

    Spanish is so way cooler. I learned something. And I can speak spanish, what can you do with latin? hmmm, nothing. Oh wait you did eat cheese.

  3. I can too speak in just don't understand it b/c you're spanish is so inferior and primitive.