Thursday, March 9, 2006

Me encanta españa

The weather in Málaga is officially awesome now, the little cold spell we were having is over. The sun is my friend; we like to take long walks on the beach and spend long hours together, oh yes, the Mediterranean sun.

I love Spain. I love the people, I love the lifestyle, and basically, I just love everything.
Everday so many things happen. Everyday I learn so much.
While I like my classes, I think the real learning comes from interacting with other people.
Studying abroad is one of the best decisions that I´ve ever made.

While I am here, I don´t want to be (or don´t think I am) the same person as at home. Here I am much more open minded as you must be when experiencing a new culture. Here I am much more independent. Here I am much more assertive, I guess, than at home. Here I just want to take a few months break from the person I am in the states. It is good to know that the world in open to me. It is good to be aware of currents that happen on a global scale instead of the little bubble that inevitably follows us whereever we go.

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