Monday, March 6, 2006


Animated Penguin Push OverHow cute. The animation to the left has nothing to do with anything except that it cracked me up. ha ha ha.

 la mezquitaThis weekend we went to Córdoba. We visited the Mezquita (3rd largest in the world), which is very cool. All the streets outside are so tiny and cute, and there are all the touristy shops along the streets too. At every turn a gypsy would come and say "guapa," some money por favor, in the most pathetic voice you´ve ever heard. Get a job at Burger King, for goodness sakes. They were even carrying around these nice leather purses. Where did they get those?

ISA Cordoba
I´m pretty sick. Last night I had an excruciating ear ache, today I am feeling better though, so things are looking up.

Still laughing at the penguin thing. He he he.


  1. earache. Hope you feel better. Probably got it from eating that squid.
    I love those penguins! It's something that I would do to you, you know, knock you down or kick you or something.

  2. Yup, that does seem like something you would do Emily! And I would stand back and laugh (bahahahahha - evil laugh).

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