Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why a strike today?

WHY? why? why? Someone hates me. All NY transportation services went on strike today which just happens to be the day before we planned to go.

Why? Who is it that wishes malice on us? Those Conan tickets were so hard to get, we planned our whole trip perfectly even at a minimal cost. Fortunatly NJ transit is still working, which we were planning on using anyway, and a "contigency plan" is supposed to be in place by tomorrow morning for the subway and buses. I know we can still go and still have fun. This will not hinder my last piece of excitement in the year 2005, I will still go to NYC, and that is final!

(Picture is from the subway in March-I love the blurriness, doesn't it just say I'm on a speeding train deep under the surface of the earth?)


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAATTT???!!! New York,....AGAIN?!!

    Aye, carumba! It sure must be nice!


  2. MINIMAL COSTS. This is not a bank breaking trip!